Common Reasons For Drywall Repair

Drywall is the paneling on our walls that is the barrier between the studs and your paint.  This coating allows for us to paint our walls, hang photos and just gives us an overall finished look tour homes.  Over time however, our drywall may need to be repaired.  This could be because of someone knocking into it, hitting it with a hammer trying to hang a photo or perhaps water damage.  Either way getting it fixed will require drywall repair havertown specialists.

Hanging drywall

drywall repair havertown

The process of hanging drywall isn’t difficult.  However the finishing process does take time to complete.  To fix a section of drywall you first need to cut away a section of the wall where it is damaged.  Depending on exactly where this is the process will require some additional steps.

Once the old drywall is removed a new piece will need to be cut.  This can be done using a carpenter’s knife.  The first step is to measure the size of the piece that needs to be repaired.  Once measured using a hand saw you will cut out the piece that will serve as the replacement.

Carefully you will slide the new piece of drywall into place making sure not to push it through the wall.  Once aligned the next step in the process is to use a piece of drywall tape to attach it to the wall.  Again, be careful not to knock out the new piece.  If the piece is close to an exposed stud using a drywall screw will be needed as well.

Once the piece is secure you will want to use drywall mud to secure the piece to the wall permanently.  Use a generous amount of the mud to ensure to create a seal layer keeping the drywall in place.  Once dry you will want to sand away the excess mud from the wall.  This can take some time depending on thickness of the mud.

Once the mud is cleared off you should have a small patch of mud left.  Rub your hand against the mud to make sure it is smooth.  Using a smaller amount of mud do another layer making sure to fill in any imperfections.  This process of applying and sanding is repeated until you have a sooth perfect finish. 

Once the wall is perfect allow any excess mud to dry.  Then with a damp cloth wipe down all the drywall dust from the wall.  When you have a clean wall go ahead and apply your paint.  The more time you take getting the mud smooth the better results you will have.