Designing The Perfect Kitchen In A Remodel

When purchasing a home we are given a clean slate to work form.  This slate may have a lot of aspects from the previous owner such as countertops, flooring, cabinets and even paint.  These items may be nice for what they are but for the majority of us they are not our style.  When purchasing a home most buyers are looking at the bones of the property.  This is why homeowners will decide to start a custom remodeling project overland park ks.

Your vision

When deciding to do a remodel of your home it is important to first have a vision.  This vision will carry over into the actual construction of the remodel.  When deciding on your vision make sure to write them all down.  As you go through the process it will be easy to forget on some key aspect or part that you wanted.  If this happens it may be too late to add or change.

Main focus

When working on your remodel have a main focus.  This can be the kitchen workspace, a dishwasher, Dutch oven or even a sliding glass door onto a deck.  When picking your main focus it will be different for everyone. 

custom remodeling project overland park ks

Harmony and flow

When working on your projects focus on harmony and flow.  With harmony and flow we are working on a process in which you will be both happy and functional.  A good trick you can do is act out the gestures and processes you want to perform every day.  For example walk through your kitchen putting up groceries.  Step over to the sink and do the dishes.  Bend down and take that pie out of the oven.  When we act out these actions we will be performing on a daily basis it will help build the harmony and flow of the final project.