Top Questions To Ask Before Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is well, a dream. The custom home we decided to design will be what we live in for the rest of our lives, or at least that is the plan.  When making the move for this home it is important to have everything worked out in great detail.  To assist you with this here are some questions you will want to ask your custom home builders ellyn il before you begin.

What are your plans for your family?

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When settling down into your dream home the odds are that you are set and content with the size of your family.  This means that you are finished having kids, pets and other who will be living with you in the house.  When you know the size of your family you will have a baseline on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and floor space.  You will also want to know how long they will be living with you or if they are moving out.  Having a lot of extra space that isn’t used will add to your building cost.

The location

The location of your dream home is very important as well.  You will want to build your home in the one spot that makes you feel complete.  You can’t move it later or turn it in a specific direction once construction starts.  When deciding on your home location think of view, the way the streets run and even what other features are in the area?  Schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping and more all need to be considered. 

What materials will you use on your home?

Will it be a brick home?  Wood or some other material?  One way that you can save on a custom home is to use locally sourced materials.  When deciding on these materials consider the final look and strength of the home.  What weather conditions are there as well as feature that will give your home the character and charm you have been looking for all your life.